The School for Me

Many high school seniors are faced with the most challenging decisions to make; what dress to get for prom, what classes to take, what parties to go to….and what do the with the rest of their life.  Being indecisive as I am, I didn’t go to prom for lack of the perfect dress, I took as many classes as I could because I couldn’t choose, and attended almost every party and I spent the year trying to find the perfect college for me.  Ohio State. The one thing i actually decided on was the rest of my life and it was the easiest decision for me.   Ohio State has so many opportunities that I couldn’t find anywhere else.  My brother has been able to travel to Kenya and will be going to India through the study abroad programs here.  The athletics are top notch and tickets are accessible.  Ohio State has about every major imaginable so the indecisiveness in me has a chance to explore all my options.  I went in for a visit and got to talk to a lot of current students, meet faculty, and see the whole campus.  A guided tour named the hot spots

Lincoln and Morrill Towers and Drake Union

and perfect places to go while providing countless facts about the university.  The food options and safety precautions are endless.  I was given another opportunity to visit the campus and got to see the housing options.  I found the dorm for me as well.  My biggest fear about college was the dorms because I tend to not like many girls, so living with three girls i didn’t know was not looking promising.  Lack of privacy is another fear as I tend to be a shy, private person.  But Lincoln and Morrill had my answers.

Lincoln and Morrill Towers and Drake Union

With further investigating into Ohio State, I found my desire to go into engineering.  The first year engineering projects and the studies done were really exciting.  The topic basically interests me and jobs are plentiful with good paying salaries.  Money was a concern because my other interests get a little pricey:  horses.  I show and ride horses across the country every weekend and traveling and other expenses are costly.  Engineering can also get me into a co-op program where i start making decent money while still in college, plus i get experience in the work field that is hard to come by.  The next choice was what kind of engineering.  To be honest, i took a scholarship and chose to be in Materials Science.  They offered a scholarship to students in my high school and i took it.  The adviser told me that the first year it doesn’t really matter which major you choose because most of the classes are the basic classes you have to take.  So i changed my major from undecided to MSE and now I’m here.  The people i have met already are amazing and the adviser is extremely nice and helpful.  I made the best decision for me, when i chose Ohio State and MSE.

Now I’m just trying to live out the rest of my summer before the rest of the my life begins.

I head to the Franklin County Fair tonight to exhibit my horse for the week.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  See ya soon.


About bethmse
Incoming freshman in the Materials Science and Engineering program at The Ohio State University

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