The Beginning of Something New

Hi! I’m Hallee, and I am a first year graduate student. And by first year I mean very new grad student; I only started last week. Just some about me to start off:

I graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in May, with a bachelor’s of science in engineering, mechanical engineering. As of September 24 this year I will be starting a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering, specifically focused in metallurgy. I grew up in Columbus (Upper Arlington), and graduated from Columbus School for Girls. At first, I was very hesitant to return to Columbus for grad school, but I fell in love with the MSE department here.

As I said before, I just started in the department last week. So far, I’ve been getting all of the administrative/red tape things out of the way, such as setting up internet access, scheduling for the fall, etc. However, I’ve also been able to actually start doing real MSE things. For example, I’ve spent a large part of today trying to learn how to use a drop furnace to heat treat steel samples. This is not a huge deal for an MSE student, but if you remember, I am currently a mechanical engineer who is trying to dive in to the world of MSE, so this led to some interesting situations. Thankfully, everybody in my research group has been helpful and willing to stop and help prevent me from setting something on fire!

Speaking of, I am going to run down a floor and check on my samples. Wish me luck!


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