Hey Everyone

Hola, so I’m a bit new at this kinda thing so please bear with me through my lack of creative writing skills. Anyhow I’m a second year MSE student staying here in Columbus for the summer trying to get in some good research experience by working for the department here in a graduate lab. It’s a lot of fun so far, well compared to working on a factory floor like I did last summer, and I would suggest taking up research for anyone who gets the opportunity as early as possible. I got this job Autumn quarter of my freshman year and sticking with it pretty much ensured that I would have a job for summer that doesn’t involve the food industry or manufacturing lines. Research also shows up well on resumes since managers generally like to bring in people who have some experience. As for what I do, I basically set up, run experiments, and do all the necessary sample preparation. It’s a bit more interesting than it sounds, although things like polishing can be pretty boring, especially since I get to work with materials that I hope to work on for a career, namely mmc composites. Well that’s about all I have now, time to have fun studying for a Math 153 midterm.



About awashburn
I'm in Air Force ROTC at the Ohio State University and I am currently majoring in Materials Science Engineering.

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