MSE Co-op at Oshkosh

I received an email today from Joel, a third-year MSE student who is doing a summer/autumn co-op with Oshkosh Corporation in Wisconsin.

Joel writes:
Work is pretty sweet!! plain and simple. I cannot send many pictures unfortunately, government contract… so “if I told you I’d have to kill you” haha

In the materials group, there are 8 of us, so we’re pretty small, and VERY busy. There’s probably 9 or 10 projects spread out across the big table right behind me that are currently being worked on. There are 4 materials and process engineers, 1 castings expert, and 2 intern spots. Its like we’re elite and prestigious. It’s pretty cool. How I got hired into this group is beyond me, but I ain’t complaining haha. Technically my job title is Materials and Process Engineer Intern.

I jump from job to job daily so its hard to keep track of my time sheet, cause we have to charge each job to the tenth of the hour. I’ve only had like 2 projects so far. I’m finishing up my 7th week already I can’t believe it it’s flying by.

My first project was a JLG Scissor Pin, and I just finished up my first failure analysis report on a hitch off this truck … see the photo gallery. My report was 27 pages (44 figures).

Joel and the summer interns also had to do a presentation for the senior management about their experiences at Oshkosh.  Here is his presentation.

Thanks for the update, Joel.


About mseadvisor
Undergraduate student advisor for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University.

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