The new kid in town

Those who know me know that I have a weakness for sneakers. If I could wear sneakers to work without feeling like a total bum, I would. These summers of closed-toe dress shoes have made me especially fond of wearing sneakers in my down time. I like it when my feet feel as though they’re being hugged by old friends.

Here are some of those friends:

As of today, though, there’s a new kid in town:

GE shop floor-mandated steel toe shoes.

When Manager Mike mentioned the steel toe shoe requirement in a meeting a few weeks ago, he’d also mentioned that the selection of shoes at the Red Wing store had improved greatly over the past few years. Feeling optimistic, I drove over to my local Red Wing store yesterday evening to scope things out. The clerk brought two pairs of work boots out for me to try on.

“Do you happen to have anything a little more sneaker-ish?” I asked him while casting a longing look at a sneaker-ish steel toe shoe displayed on the wall.

“I’ll check,” he said, and disappeared into the stockroom. When he reappeared empty-handed, he said, “Sorry – that’s all we have in women’s.”

I should’ve known better. Twenty styles of men’s shoes, and only two styles for women, one of which is not kept in stock – when will the world catch on that there are women working in engineering these days?


About Caitlin
I'm a senior Materials Science & Engineering student at The Ohio State University.

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