Oh how I miss Friday donuts….

Can't wait to come back to some of these!!!

Can't wait for OSU MSE Friday donuts!!

    Less than one full month now before I am back in Buckeye Country enjoying more of what the OSU MSE program has to offer and I find myself distracted.  All I can think of when I picture coming back is the Friday donuts.  I know this is a small part of the big program that OSU MSE is, however it is something I will never forget.  Last Friday a co-op at work brought in donuts because he was going back to school.  Although they were donuts and they tasted amazing, they didn’t have that “man it’s Friday, we made it!” sort of fun that comes with the MSE Friday donuts.

    The best case scenario with Friday donuts is that you are done with class when they come. Thus eliminating the need to either scarf down three while trying not to choke to death on your way to class; or try carrying them around awaiting the unavoidable drop of the donut.  Which, as all of us are aware, will of course land sprinkle side down rendering it uneatable. 

    Although school starting again does seem a little soon, the donuts however have been missed for almost a full summer.  As for all of my fellow MSE students I look forward to seeing you in the “donut room” very soon, and to anyone thinking about OSU MSE let me tell you that the donuts alone make it worth it.  Now I will spend the rest of the morning thinking about how I wish it was Friday and I were eating donuts……




About meibers25
Currently a 5th year senior in the Materials Science and Engineering program at The Ohio State University. I am currently looking or full-time positions located in the downtown Chicago area.

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  1. Homer Simpson says:

    sign me up!

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