Missing OSU…

Summer is almost up, that means we have to see Megan again… What a shame, I personally was enjoying my time away from her. Although there is a long list of things I miss from school that I will enjoy getting back into full swing in just under a month.

  1. Everyone’s favorites, FRIDAY DONUTS! I lucked out this coming quarter, I have no classes after donuts so even if they are late I will be able to eat my full and enjoy it while I am in the beloved food coma.
  2. One word, FOOTBALL. Let’s see here third times a charm! I hopefully will be able to make it to a third national championship game to watch our adored Buckeyes not get whooped in the final and most watched game of the year.
  3. Those crazy lab experiments. Who says spending the night in the computer lab is a bad idea. I say the more you do it, the more dedicated you are. Just remember to bring your MP3 player, its battery charger, and plenty of illegally downloaded music to listen to. I find that if you wear your favorite hoodie, the computer lab may become your second bedroom, it is very nice when you don’t have AC at home!
  4. Ross’s favorite word, “Rocken”, thanks for saying something that so easily rhymes with my last name.
  5. Fall get-togethers. Where else can you blare music on your front porch and have a police officer drive by and just shrug. What is in those red plastic cups?
  6. Gary blaming everything on Kovacs.
  7. ¿Coffee on the third floor? YUM!

Anyways, hope all of your internships are going well. Mine is going swimmingly; I get to play with all different types of materials from the basics Al, Cu, Ti, and Zn, to some exotic metals Cd, Ag, Cr, Pd, W, Ta, Au, Ag, and Pt. So you know I am having fun. To the entire incoming freshman, we will see you guys in just over a month and I hope moving in is not too much to bear.


Don’t buy any electronics in the next couple of months. Chances are I have touched the material that goes into making them.


About theflock
Well, I am 5 foot 8, i have blonde hair and blue eyes ;) hey ladies! Anyways, I am a student at The Ohio State University, and YES our football team is better than yours! I enjoy walks on the beach, after i drive 10 hours to get to one, but I can ride my motorcycle at any time, until winter rolls around.

One Response to Missing OSU…

  1. Megan says:

    I had hoped to see a smiley face after that first sentence!

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