Involvement Week/Classes

Between the involvement fair and classes this first week, I have been really busy.  I am a member of a group called Saint Paul’s Outreach (SPO) and we have had events almost every night for the last week.  On top of that, I started MSE 401 which is thermodynamics and MSE 526 which is transport phenomena.  Between these two subjects I think my mind will be conceptually challenged.  Luckily one of my other classes, junior seminar, will not be bad because we only have to attend and ask questions. I had heard a rumor that we would have to write a paper for each seminar, which of course would have sucked, but thankfully that proved to be not true.  My other classes seem to be straight forward, but will still be a lot of work.  By working with my friends throughout the quarter, we should be able to do well in all our classes.

I really enjoy having a core set of friends that I can trust to work with and know that they will challenge me to continue to think outside the box to solve the problems and not just give me the answers.  It has been really important for me to solve the problems on my own, but with people around me that help me when I get stuck.  It is also great to have a group outside of school that allows me to focus on other things, like my faith, instead of school 24/7.  Having time to grow in my faith in Christ has allowed me to grow into a stronger man and a more devoted and passionate person.

Without the support from all of my friends, both MSE and SPO, I think college would be a lot harder than it is.  I know when I was a freshman I was tempted to get to know as many people and join as many groups as possible, which is would not have been hard since there are 40,000+ students and 800+ groups, but it has been those few good friends and things that I am a part of that have really been what I needed.  It is great to be a part of many things, but we can only give so much time to each thing and thus that is why I focus on just a few things, so I can better serve and grow within each one.



About jbosu82
I am a junior at The Ohio State University, studying Materials Science and Engineering. I am also a student missionary for St. Paul's Outreach.

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