Life at Midterm

The first giant hump for me in college is over.  I took my last first midterm last Thursday.  The anxiety of the tests are not over though because I am still awaiting results on two of the midterms.  It was nothing like high school midterms or finals.  In fact, nothing of college has been like high school. College has been a huge adjustment.

Leaving my friends behind and attempting to start a life out of thin air has been a very trying experience.  I love my professors and classmates for the most part.  The classes are hard and require more work than I have ever had to do, but I am learning so much here.  Its worth all of the work. The rewards and opportunities I have already found here are amazing and endless.   Everywhere you turn someone is offering help or scholarship opportunities or intership options.  Ohio State has been the right decision for me.  Everything I have needed so far, I have been able to find it somewhere here on campus.

The first week at OSU was amazing.  Welcome Week was filled with free food, free concerts, free everything, and millions of new people.  The university made every student feel like they could find a place to fit in this enormous campus.  The move in was a breeze.  I finally met my roommates in person, and they are some of the best people I have met so far on campus.  We go everywhere together and have become really close friends in such a short time.  During orientation, I was warned that I would probably not get along with my roommates and would have to set strict guidelines as to who can borrow what and when and every possible rule surrounding living quarters.  I was even told we would have to make sure to tell them not to wear our clothes without asking because it happened all the time with my orientation leaders roommates.  Needless to say, I was ready and expecting to live with three freaks that wanted to take all my stuff.  But, my roommates are not even close to freaks and never try to borrow anything of mine without asking.  That was a huge relief.

Another relief was the feel of our room.  I went to see my room about a week before move in day so I could see exactly how much room I would have.  I was, yet again, terrified because when i walked into the room it was tiny.  I told myself multiple times there was no way all my belongings and my roommates belongings were going to fit in this space.  But on move in day, i was relieved again.  Everything fit and I had so much extra room that I was able to make a second and third trip that week, to bring more clothes.  I love my room!  And, I am within a minute walk of the sand volleyball courts.  These courts have seen my roommates and I playing volleyball with random people many times of the past month.  Sports and activities are everywhere.  My roommates and I take advantage of the RPAC and the swimming pool and giant hot tub inside.  Ultimate Frisbee and football are an Oval favorite.  And, of course, sand volleyball at one or two in the morning with freezing feet is way too much fun.  I have been having a blast here.

Homework.  I have it all the time and every time I feel like i have it all done, I get another lab and another assignment and have another quiz to study for.  Time management is a necessity and I am learning how to work ahead thanks to a few friends who came to college with the skill of time management.  I am currently in the Hitchcock Lab awaiting a group to work on my FEH lab.  Homework calls. (


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Incoming freshman in the Materials Science and Engineering program at The Ohio State University

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