Midterms, Poetry, SPO, TA, TBP

Hello Everyone Again,

I know it has been awhile since I last wrote, but that is because I have been so busy with the five things in the title.  Though I would love to go into each one of them individually and write a novel about each one, I will save you all the pain and just write about a few of the highlights of my life so far.  This by far has been the busiest quarter of my college career.  I have gotten into a routine for the weekly 401 and 526 quizzes, as well as the two weekly poetry assignments and weekly lab report draft or finals.  But when you throw a midterm, or in my case both 526 and 401, into the mix things get hectic.  I have found myself working harder than before to just get ready for the upcoming day and am not ahead in any of my classes.

You would think that with all the weekly assignments, that would be enough for one guy, but I continue to strain my body even further by applying the stress of my two organizations, St. Paul’s Outreach and Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honors Society, and my job as a TA for the Fundamental of Engineering Honors class at 7:30.  The one thing I love about being involved with all three of these things, is that I can really give myself to all those around me.  I truly love serving them and being able to help out my peers in what ever way I can and I feel blessed and honored to be able to help the students learn and understand new concepts that I remember struggling with when I was where they are now.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy being pushed to the limit.  If I have one suggestion to anyone I would say to make sure you know your limits.  I have found that I can do all of this and still succeed in school.  It would be a terrible mistake to do everything outside of the classroom and nothing inside. With that being said I am looking to take the rest of this weekend as a relaxing one to try and recover from my cold.

Until I write again,


About jbosu82
I am a junior at The Ohio State University, studying Materials Science and Engineering. I am also a student missionary for St. Paul's Outreach.

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