Rusty muffins

To answer the question many people have had after they’ve heard about the senior design project that Amanda and I are working on, this is what you get if you pay less than $10 for bakeware:

muffin pan


I purchased this muffin pan at Target over the summer in an effort to increase my muffin-baking power. (I may or may not have used muffins as motivation for technicians at GE to bump my projects up in their queues.) Anyway, it appears that this time I let my muffin pan soak in water for too long in an effort to loosen the dried-on blueberry glop. Normally, I don’t let my bakeware get away from me like this, but I’ve been very lazy busy lately. Perhaps expensive bakeware is coated properly so that the base metal doesn’t corrode? I wouldn’t know – I’m too poor to have fancy baking pans. I think I may save up for a name brand pan this time around, though. My muffins don’t need to be sporting any kind of orange tinge.

At any rate, in this case, corrosion is not so beautiful.

* * *

‘Tis the season for sharing, and people are sharing colds. Yesterday morning in 663, I ended up being sandwiched between two cold-sufferers. Poor Kent was issuing a fine spray of germs into the back of my head at regular 47-second intervals. Amanda didn’t sound too good either. Kent apologized for the coughing after class, and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind hitting the back of my head with a can of Lysol (although the way in which I phrased it sounded violent). Then Nat came over to talk to us, and tapping his throat, he croaked, “Yeah, I’m still sick.”

“GAH!” I said. “I’m outta here!” And then I ran out the classroom door.

It’s too bad that when it comes to illness and the MSE department, you can run, but you can’t hide.


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I'm a senior Materials Science & Engineering student at The Ohio State University.

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