Fun things to do in Columbus over winter break


On Monday, December 15, Capital University is hosting the Columbus-area TubaChristmas. This is a fun one to go to and enjoy your favorite holiday tunes performed by a slew of volunteer low brass players. Be sure to arrive with jingle bells and a desire to sing along.

A few years ago, my friend Christy (a longtime TubaChristmas participant) encouraged me to play in the TubaChristmas at the University of Akron, so I borrowed a baritone from my old high school, bedecked the thing with Christmas flair, and then honked a bunch of wrong notes. (In my defense, playing on a baritone mouthpiece with a French horn embouchure ensures many, many wrong notes. It was quite a surprise, halfway through our last performance, when I realized I’d been trying to play everything about two octaves too high.) Anyway, it was a sight to behold, some 250+ festively-decorated low brass packed onto the stage and into the first few rows of the audience at EJ Thomas Hall. And oh, the beauty of the brass. Sigh.

As long as you have some experience playing a valved brass instrument and you’re able to snag a baritone, euphonium, sousaphone, or tuba for the day, you’re welcome to perform at most TubaChristmas locations. (Visit the main TubaChristmas website for information about TubaChristmas locations throughout the U.S.)

* * *

There’s still a little over a week to catch BalletMet’s performance of the Nutcracker. This year I opted to treat my mom to our local ballet company’s Nutcracker show. It’s been twenty years since I danced as one of Mother Ginger’s polichinelles at the Palace Theatre downtown, so it’ll be fun to marvel at the adorableness of those little kids scampering out from underneath Mother Ginger’s skirt during that scene. I’m also curious as to whether the choreography has changed much, because unfortunately, I will probably remember that routine until the day I die.


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