Let the job search begin…

As the new year rolls in and classes begin it is time to really start the heavy job searching. Friends and fellow students are already signing with companies and planning their futures as the weeks go by. Right now I am contacting as many companies in the Chicago, IL area as possible. I feel that I have applied to about a 1,000 different companies in Chicago so far and nothing has turned up. It is still early so I’m not getting too worried just yet but give me a few months and things could change. The job search is fun, exciting, and scary all at the same time. Unlike picking colleges where you know you will spend a few years and learn a lot, you are picking a place for you to begin a career. This could last a few years also or could be the place you retire from and everything in between. It is kind of a scary thought. So if you read this and know of anyone looking for a MSE student with a specialization in metallurgy in the Chicagoland area… please don’t hesitate to let me know! Thanks for reading!

Nothing better than public transportation.

Nothing better than public transportation.


About meibers25
Currently a 5th year senior in the Materials Science and Engineering program at The Ohio State University. I am currently looking or full-time positions located in the downtown Chicago area.

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