Almost Famous!

Ok, maybe being a student blogger for MSE at THE Ohio State University doesn’t make me even remotely famous, but I’m optimistic that this blog will be a like a gateway blog, subsequently leading to fame and fortune.  As for a quick introduction, I’m Meredith, I’m a junior in MSE but a 4th year student at OSU, I have very patient parents, and I’m really, very stealth just like James Bond.

So whenever I get asked why I decided to go into MSE, I tell this little story about how when I was visiting schools, I went to another Big Ten university for a day that was meant to attract girls to engineering.  There were like hundreds of people in this lecture room and the guy presenting put up a picture of a mouse that engineers had taught to grow a HUMAN EAR on its back!  It kind of grosses me out.

Eww but wow.

Eww but wow.

But it also is seriously fascinating.  Then I raised my hand and asked the presenting guy if the mouse could hear out of that ear.  You might have correctly guessed that it cannot.  I just wondered!  Anyways, I knew that other university was not the place for me, but I decided Materials and Biomedical Engineering sounded like they could be interesting.  You might have correctly guessed that I was right!

This brings me to a more recent wonderful application of engineering that you probably never imagined.  When you think of prosthetics, you think like, arms, legs, hand maybe…and probably not mermaid tail.  But it’s the 21st century and turning into a mythical creature is so hot right now.

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea!

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles, under the sea! Or swimming pool, whatever.

This is Nadya Vessey, a woman from New Zealand who lost both of her legs to the knee as a child.  Now, thanks to a prosthetic limb built by Weta Workshop, she’s basically a totally legit mermaid!  It’s always a good feeling when you come across these little miracles that you know have resulted at least partially from what you’re studying.

Here is a little article about it:

Here is the youtube video you should definitely watch:

Also, on a side note, if you try to search for something with “mermaid” in the title on youtube, a lot of really weird videos come up of allegedly real mermaids, including one video called “Russian fishermen catch Mermaid alien and eat it” which I did not view.


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