Blog Basics

This is Adam.  I‘m new to the whole blogging thing.  I am a third year MSE student at OSU.  I am in the second year of the program… It took me a little while to figure out what kind of engineering I wanted to pursue.

I have always wanted to work in the bicycle industry, and materials science is the most interesting route for me to take to get there.  I am a member of the Foundry Club here at OSU.   It’s pretty cool, we get to play around in the foundry and cast stuff.  I am from Akron OH originally, and I am currently living a couple blocks north of campus.

Alright it’s study time if anyone actually reads this… give me some feedback, ask me some questions, tell me how boring my blog is…and such…alright I can’t even figure out what I need to do to post this thing. honestly there should be a big red link that says post. Oh ok, “publish”, alright very professional.



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