I’m Sarah, and I’m a 2nd year in MSE, but this is my 4th year here at Ohio State…I actually started out here as a music major. I know it sounds crazy (well it probably is), but I was having trouble deciding between engineering and music in the first place.  I guess I was just afraid of all of the really super hard engineering and math courses that I would have to take, given that in high school my math courses were so useless. So, needless to say, after a year in music and then a year in exploration, I convinced myself that I COULD do engineering.

So why did I choose MSE? Well, my boyfriend, who was also deciding on an engineering major at the time, went to a session on MSE where he saw Dr. Padture do some cool demos. He told me about it so I decided to talk to Megan, who was so friendly and encouraging that I decided to make the switch. I haven’t regretted it (yet)!

You may be wondering about my username I chose. I was trying to think of a cool, original name last night and remembered this article my boyfriend sent me about Lonsdaleite. It is also called hexagonal diamond, and is up to 58% harder than regular diamond. It actually forms when meteorites that contain graphite hit the Earth, and is named after Kathleen Lonsdale, who was a famous crystallographer.

Lonsdaleite_structure diamonds

The crystal structure of Lonsdaleite, and a picture of some diamonds for good measure.

Watch for my post next time on living with your parents/commuting and why I wish there were more good places to sit and study around campus!


One Response to Lonsdaleite

  1. david lonsdale says:

    named after my grand ma

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