A very educational spring break

013 I spent a few days of my spring break visiting a friend who lives just outside New York City. Although I didn’t get to spend much time locked in a loving embrace with my favorite American city, we did head into Manhattan for an afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History.

The eight-year-old in me was thrilled to see the dinosaurs. The “grown up” kid in me was fascinated by the exhibits on human evolution and the world’s native cultures. The snake and sea creature exhibits terrified me as usual. And I decided I’d like to have a pet mouse lemur. They’re so cute!

As we roamed around the museum looking at all of the exhibits and trying not to trip over the children tearing around the building, I felt a bit jealous of these city kids. They have no idea how much culture they have at their fingertips! When I was a kid, we’d have to brave an hour-long school bus ride up to Cleveland for most of our really good field trips, which I’d always thought was not too bad. Cleveland was so convenient! (And for all of the naysayers out there, Cleveland also rocks.) But the concept of having a wealth of educational opportunities within one’s own city blows my mind a little.





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I'm a senior Materials Science & Engineering student at The Ohio State University.

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