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Hello all. My name’s Will Weimer and I’m a MSE freshmen at OSU. I have about one hundred relevant credit hours that came with me from Columbus State. So far, OSU has been a great change. It’s more challenging and much more interesting then C State. I would recommend the transfer to anybody considering it.

This summer ’09 is my first quarter at the school. I’m taking the Intro to Engineering courses 181-183, and Math 254. The intro courses are really cool, but time management is extremely important as there is a ton of material crammed into two five week term courses. The professors and their teaching assistants are all helpful, friendly, and smart; readily available to help anybody who falls behind or gets confused.

Also, my student advisor, Megan Daniels, with whom I’ve had correspondence for about a year, has been integral in helping me get situated here at OSU. The transfer from CSCC was at times confusing and frustrating, so I would recommend to anybody coming in to consider contacting an OSU advisor relevant to your intended major, even while you’re still attending your first institution. They will help you iron out the wrinkles and make your transition as smooth as possible.


About wolf9455
School: Ohio State University Major: Materials Science and Engineering (Biomedical) First year transfer student

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