Summer Fun

It would seem like I have something really important to post on the blog because I have not put anything up in several months.  Well I do, sort of.  I thought it would be a great idea to talk about what I am doing this summer and because everyone is just dying to know.  Well this summer I have been working in the Materials Science & Engineering Department.  I have had the opportunity to work with two professors which has given me the chance to learn a great amount in the time I have been working.  I have been working on projects looking at corrosion in different types of aluminum as well as projects dealing with the mechanical properties of titanium alloys.

PelotoniaOutside of work has been exciting too.  At the end of spring quarter I signed up for the Pelotonia.  It is a cycling tour that donates all of the funds raised to cancer research at  The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.  The event is taking place on the last weekend in August.  I am excited and terrified.  I will be riding the longest leg that they provide which is a 100 mile first day and 80 mile second day.  I am excited because it will be one of longest rides I have done and it is for a great cause.  I am terrified because I haven’t really trained for the event but I will be riding with a good group and hopefully they won’t leave me behind.  If you would like to donate to my ride please go to and enter my name, Adam Young.  Click on my profile page and you will be able to donate.  All of the money donated goes directly to cancer research.bamboobikeframe

Bicycles are obviously an interest of mine.  As much as I like cycling I really enjoy building and fixing bicycles.  I was never much of a road bike enthusiast but living in a large urban area (No trails to ride) and in the middle of Ohio ( incredibly flat) has helped push me into single speed road bikes.  This brings me to the most important part of the summer.  I have been researching and slowly putting together parts to build a bamboo composite fixed gear road bike.  As of right now I have found all of the necessary parts for construction with the exception of freshly cut bamboo which I hope to have with in the next week.  My frame jig is near completion.  This project has been something I have been talking about way too much and most of my classmates and professors have had to hear me talk about it at some point.  These types of frames have been produced for some time but I always thought it would be interesting to build my own.  I hope to have a road-worthy bike by the end of September.  I hope some of my classmates read this and start blogging as well.  The summer break for MSE students is a really exciting time because of the wide variety of opportunities to intern or do research on exciting materials and in exciting places.


6 Responses to Summer Fun

  1. Caitlin says:

    Good luck with your Pelotonia ride! Please keep us updated on your new bamboo bike, too — very cool!

  2. Mark says:

    How far are you riding? I’m doing the 50.

  3. Cory says:

    Good luck on your bike ride!

  4. I’m proud to report that, in addition to Adam, three other MSE students will be riding in this event: DevinB, BryanE, and MarkM. Have a great ride, guys!

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