Freshman Year!

Hey everyone! I can’t believe that the first quarter of my freshman year is almost over!  It has gone so fast and been so much fun! But, it has definitely been a challenge too… and with those challenges, I have learned a lot!

One of things I learned pretty quickly is that there are a LOT of smart students in engineer. Most of the people in engineering are used to being in the top of their class. However, when all of the kids in the top of their classes are put together, not everyone is still at the top. In other words, it seems people have found, myself included, I am not as smart as I thought I was. But, from what I have also found so far, it is best to compete with yourself. It makes life a lot easier to set personal goals. For example, in Engineering 181, one of the freshman engineering classes, there are a lot of drawing and visualization exercises. Personally, visualization and drawing are not my strengths whatsoever. Starting out, I was trying to do as well as kids that just had natural talent, and I would just get frustrated. However, once I came to the realization that I just need to concentrate on myself and try to improve my skills, when I improved, it was much more satisfying.

Another thing I have learned is not to be shocked when you get a 60%! The first time this happened, I e-mailed the MSE advisor Megan, in a panic. I also called my parents to talk to them about what I should do with my life, because I thought obviously math was no longer my calling, since I used to get A’s in high school with no problem. However, Megan told me that grades usually turn out much better than you think, and she was right! I did not know getting a 60% on a test in college is usually pretty good, because after the curve, I ended up with a B+. In other words, don’t panic and want to switch majors after your first bad grade! Just hang in there!!

From my first quarter, I have also learned how helpful everyone is! All of my TA’s and professors have been more than willing to help me if I am struggling and need extra help. They have all been very helpful and very friendly! It is nice because it makes me comfortable to go to them when I am struggling or have a question.

Everyone says that engineering school is hard, and not to scare everyone, but it is! I definitely do not have as much time to socialize as some of my friends in other majors. And, in engineering, the curriculum is hard! I have found I am pushed very hard to do my best. However, I have found that if I put in the work, I can get through it. I will not get straight A’s like I am used to, but I can still do fine. Honestly, from what I have found so far, you will learn if engineering is something you really want to do pretty quickly. And to be honest again, a lot of people have dropped out or plan on switching majors after only one quarter. But, if you want to be an engineer, and are willing to put in the work, there are many people and resources to help you get through!

One of the things I really like about freshman year at Ohio State is the survey class. It is a class taught by your academic advisor. In the class I learned the basic concepts of grading, how to get into materials engineering, where to go if I am sick and a lot of other helpful information I will need throughout my career at Ohio State. However, one of the biggest benefits I have found from the class is the opportunity to get to know everyone! Because materials engineering is such a small department, it is easy to get to know people. The freshman materials engineering class right now has 22 people. It is really nice to get to know people right away freshman year because I have heard that since all the MSE students are in the majority of the classes together, we become a family.

One last thing I have learned is how convenient dorming is! I would definitely recommend it, especially when it comes to homework. It has been a common occurrence that I will get stuck on a homework problem. Instead of sitting at my desk staring at the problem and getting frustrated trying to figure it out, I can just walk down the hall to someone in the same class as me. I have found that someone can usually explain the answer to me, or between us we can figure it out. It is also very nice to have people to study with!

Overall, I have had a blast my first quarter! There is always something to do on campus or somewhere to get involved! Ohio State really does have more activities and clubs that I could ever imagine. And, the school spirit is amazing! For example, Ohio State has an entire week dedicated to beating “That school up north!” Not to mention everyone running onto the field after we beat Iowa! I have also had the opportunity to meet a lot of really nice people that I know will be my friends for life!

Being a high school senior last year, I know the time to pick a college and a major is arriving shortly. I remember that it is an exciting but very stressful time. I can genuinely say I am so glad I picked Ohio State and Materials Engineering! If anyone has any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to ask! And, I wish everyone the best of luck in their decision!




About lkathmann91
Hi :) My name is Lindsey. I am going to be a freshman in materials engineering this year at OSU!

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