Back in the saddle again

You may vaguely remember a blog post in which I mentioned wanting to get a master’s degree in materials science and engineering eventually. Well, “eventually” came sooner than I expected!

I’m back in the saddle again
Out where a friend is a friend
Where the longhorn cattle feed
On the lowly gypsum weed
Back in the saddle again

I returned to Ohio State about five weeks ago to begin a master’s degree. This serendipitous change of plans came about this past autumn. I had the opportunity to meet an MSE professor I’d not met before, and he mentioned that he had an opening in his research group. The research project he described sounded right up my alley, and before I knew it, I’d signed on for yet another round of education!

Since my master’s project is ceramics-based and my undergraduate coursework was metals-based, I’ve spent every day of the last few weeks trying to feel less clueless than I did the day before. My research group is fabulous and so helpful, which makes summiting this learning curve a little easier on the ego. I even already have a defined role within the group: resident proofreader. I knew my humanities degree would come in handy!

The biggest difference I’ve found between my undergraduate and graduate experiences so far involves how I spend my time every day. As an undergrad, I’d spend my entire day on campus, but I would spend it running from classes to meetings to my TA-ing job with little time to catch my breath. (In fact, I’m still finding it to be a novelty that as a grad student, I have the luxury of sitting down and eating lunch for as long as an hour. An hour!) As a grad student, my day revolves around my group’s labs in MacQuigg. We venture to the fourth floor of Watts as a group for coffee and tea periodically throughout the day (Hallee wasn’t kidding!), sometimes eat lunch together, and help each other out when needed. I’m looking forward to seeing where my graduate experience takes me!


About Caitlin
I'm a senior Materials Science & Engineering student at The Ohio State University.

3 Responses to Back in the saddle again

  1. Congratulations, Caitlin! We’re happy to have you back in MSE AND on the blog.

  2. Rak says:

    hi prjct was on ceramic as well as metallic based.i am desperate to do my masters in matrl science,but i am from mechanical shld i proceed to get admission into ohio.plz help my frnd.

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