On My Way

Here I am, the morning we leave for TMS. I’ve got everything packed up and ready to go, and yet here I am, awake at 7:00 AM. I guess I’m looking forward to this trip a bit more than I thought. It’s definitely been a long week leading up to TMS, and who wouldn’t be excited for a trip across the country with 40 of their close friends?

I do hope we get a lot of free time this year, it doesn’t look like we will but if last year is any indication then I should be an expert on Seattle by the time I leave. I always forget the lack of sleep extends the day on trips like this. I’ve mapped out a bunch of landmarks and things to see, trying to get organized about my random wanderings I guess. I hope it doesn’t rain too much but I guess with Seattle that’s asking a lot. The temperature should be nice though, low to mid 50’s during the day with high 30’s to mid 40’s at night. Not exactly warm, but compared to Ohio right now it should be comfortable.

The rain has compelled me to leave my dress shoes out of the luggage, wet walks and leather soles do not play nice. This leaves my semi-dressy shoe options squarely on my distinctly casual, but leather, Merrells. Here’s hoping no one notices.



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