“He’s a Materials Scientist, Jim.”

Day 1 TMS Report from Erik and Mike

I think I was more excited to see Seattle than to attend the TMS conference. I didn’t know whether I would like the symposia or find them boring. After the first day, I realize that going to the symposia is interesting and fun, and is like a look into my future career.

The first one I went to was Bulk Metallic Glasses VII: Structures and Mechanical Properties. There were presenters from many prestigious universities like Tennessee, Cal Tech, Yale, and Johns Hopkins as well as THE Ohio State University. There was also a professor from Michigan who, as a professional, did very well, though his choice of universities is not very good.

Today we went to two symposia:  bulk metallic glasses (BMG) and the failure of small scale structures (with some aero materials talks thrown in). The BMG symposium was mostly about the polycluster structure of the material and how ordered it is, as well as how many of the properties are affected by this, such as magnetic, thermodynamic, and compressive/tensile properties.

The second symposium was mostly about how a single crystal of material in a nanopillar form fails under tension and compression. Apparently, not only is there asymmetry between the strengths of the pillar under tension and compression, but the pillars also exhibit different properties than the bulk material.

We stopped by the aerospace materials talks for awhile, too. They were explaining how the industry is now getting into 3-D printing, where they use a ceramic coated resin to make an immense number of layers on top of each other to create an object. I saw that once in a freshman engineering lab, and I thought it was pretty cool that they were actually using this for real-world applications (they were using it to produce casts for airfoils). The best part about this is that they can go straight from a computer 3-D design to an object that is almost identical to the design. Cool stuff!

The parts of Seattle I have seen so far are awesome. It is one of the cleanest and most scenic cities that I have been to. The hotel we are in is on top of a hill with a 28th floor pool and a view of everything. I have been to the port and plan on going back later today. I had the best seafood of my life already! I can’t wait for more free time to look around.

Tonight we’re going down to the famous Pike Fish Market. There’s a Russian cafe near the market, and since I found Russian food places in San Francisco and New York that were comparable to the real thing, I figured I would look for one here, as well. Then maybe to an OSU sponsored event after.


About erikbmse
Hi! My name is Erik and I'm a Sophmore in the MSE department at OSU. I graduated high school from Conotton Valley. Its a real small school in eastern Ohio (I had 41 kids in my graduating class). I also did post secondary work at KSU-Tuscarawas and have an Associate of the Arts degree from there (I actually graduated from college before I graduated from high school). I enjoy any kind of athletic activity and anything outside. As long as I'm moving I'm happy.

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