Superconductor Lab

So, this update is very delayed but it was so cool I decided to post it anyway! We made superconductors in Winter quarter’s 581 lab. A superconductor is a material that loses all resistance to electric current below a certain critical temperature. So, a magnet will actually levitate above the superconductor if this is the case.

Here’s a video that I took of us pyrolyzing the superconductor solution. It was really cool to watch the solution grow into a fiery mountain of solid!

123 Superconductor Pyrolysis

After this, we pressed the solid into small pellets. We then tested if our pellets were superconductors by immersing them in liquid nitrogen and attempting to levitate a tiny magnet on the top. Ours worked!

In other news, I worked with the OSU Relay for Life presidents this spring to see how they used Microsoft Office to plan their event. Microsoft gave me a netbook to give to them, so they were super excited to work with me! It was really awesome working with them because they were so willing to share their technology experiences with me. I went to the actual event to represent Microsoft – it was FREEZING but a great event nonetheless. I couldn’t believe how many people were there! Here’s a video that  I made of the Relay!

Good luck on finals everyone! Summer’s almost here! =)


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