Viva Titanium!

From OSU Materials Science and Engineering senior Adam Y.

I have been interning at TIMET (Titanium Metals Corporation) Technical Laboratory, the research and development facilities located in Henderson, Nevada. TIMET is a large titanium producer that supplies titanium for aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and biomedical applications.

The internship has been great. TIMET has been flexible in letting me take projects in the direction I want. I have worked on research projects that apply to developing new alloys, implementing procedures for new nondestructive testing equipment, and investigative characterization on problematic titanium produced in the production facility.

I live in central Las Vegas right next to UNLV with two students who are working and taking classes. I can’t imagine being in a better location to see everything that I want to in Las Vegas. A few blocks up I frequent a Taqueria that hosts bands a few nights a week. I also play sand volleyball, dodge ball, or whatever is being organized by some of the students that I have met.

Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains that offer mountain biking and hiking year round. They have high enough elevations to have ski slopes during the winter and into spring. So far this summer I have been hiking, biking, tubing on Lake Mead, and I got the chance to stay a weekend in a cabin in the mountains in southern California.

Spending the summer interning at this company and living in this city has been one of the best summers that I’ve spent away from college. I feel privileged to have had this experience and I hope this encourages some students to think about interning at TIMET in the future.


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