OSU MSE Students Enjoy Some Shenanigans

No updates since February?
MSE students are busy – but not too busy for a weekend in the woods, Senior Don McAllister reports.

Location: Middle of Nowhere, Ohio.
Objective: Enjoy outdoor shenanigans and have some MSE fun!
Status: Great Success!

It all began on the night of April 8.  Ten undergraduate MSE students rendezvoused at the home of Don McAllister before heading deep into the woods to live in the most archaic of conditions.  Surely the absence of electricity would be the destruction of them all!   As the first night progressed, the delights of campfire foil packets were discovered, and some had their first encounter with the famed American cuisine known simply as “the s’more.”

The students then retired into the cabin to play The Game of Things until the wee hours of the morning.  Cultural and linguistic barriers were shattered during the course of the game thanks to Adam Young’s amazing ability to translate American action verbs.  After a few hours of sleep, the students awoke to face a day full of unaccustomed activities: mud-running, hiking, and gun shooting.  The gullible nature of a specific MSE student was revealed, evidence of which can be seen by the mud-laden pictures.

By the end of the day, 6 students remained.  Logan Ward was mangled by a gun solely known as “the cannon,” but nobody had yet seen evidence of the most terrifying aspects of the cabin: snipes and the lady in the woods.

As Sunday dawned, people slowly began to leave the cabin, eager to get back to civilization (since propane refrigerators, central lighting, and running water were entirely too primitive).  A fun time was had by all, and plans for another such adventure have begun to solidify for this summer.


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