Going Nuclear

While the students are finishing Autumn quarter, and taking finals, we’re still catching up on summer internships!
Here’s a report and a photo from MSE senior Niko.

This past summer I worked at the Region II office of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in Atlanta, GA. I was a student engineer in the Division of Construction Inspection and was a member of the mechanical/materials/welding branch.

I enjoyed my internship because I was exposed to the nuclear industry from the regulatory side. I worked on a project that had a direct impact on the company, and visited five different sites related to the nuclear industry.

My project was a large literature review about how duplex stainless steel will be used in an upcoming reactor designs. Writing this document and presenting my findings helped reinforce what I learned the past several years.

There were five other interns with majors from Civil, MechE, NucE,  and EE. We were from different schools including Gerogia Tech, Florida, and one other Ohio State intern, a MechE.   Small world, too!  In my branch were three Ohio State Welding Engineering alumni.


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