This one time, at Materials Camp….

Report from Katrina, an OSU MSE student, beginning her 2nd year.

Katrina, Eric, and Rachel volunteered at ASM Materials Camp

Last week I had the unique opportunity of serving as a junior mentor at the 2012 Eisenman Materials Camp, hosted by ASM, the Materials Information Society, at their headquarters in the historic Materials Park, Ohio outside of Cleveland.

The purpose of the camp is to expose high school students to the exciting world of materials through a hands-on case study of a failed object. The yearly camp selects by application about 30 talented students from across the country and focuses on teaching them how to strategically analyze and solve their failures using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

The students were divided into groups of 6 or 7 to simulate a true work environment. The lead mentors, also volunteers, were noted professionals in their field. Each one brought different backgrounds and expertise to the table, creating a collaborative environment among both the mentors and students.

I was joined by two fellow Buckeyes—Rachel (incoming OSU freshman) and Eric (OSU senior). As

Phase diagrams are fun!

graduates of the camp, we offered a unique perspective into current materials science college education and internships.

We worked with an experienced mentor to guide students in their investigation—answering most questions with “Look it up!” or with yet another question. At the end of the week, each group presented their failure, solution, and suggestions for improvements to the other students, mentors, and ASM guests.

Students who knew nothing about materials prior to camp made presentations regarding everything from dezincification in cartridge brass to incorrect heat treatments in silverware and nylon-lined nuts.

Serving as junior mentors gave us the chance to share our knowledge and love of materials, as well as make some of our own connections with leaders in the materials field. We might have given the students a little push towards Ohio State too!

For more info:

ASM 2012 Eisenman Campers, Mentors, and Junior Mentors


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  1. Great job, Katrina!

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