MSE Alumnus update

Aaron graduated in 2012, and sends us an update on his work in the Air Force.

I currently work as a hardware engineer under AFNWC/NCM at Tinker AFB, which is the Air Force cruise missile System Program Office for the AGM86. Our office is responsible for representing the Air Force program management side of the AGM86 and all support equipment. We do a lot of engineering coordination with Boeing who is the designer and producer of the missile; they also maintain the majority of the rights to the technical data for the system.

Aaron W. - OSU MSE 2012

Aaron W. – OSU MSE 2012

My primary job is to provide engineering support for the field units who perform regular maintenance on the system. I am also the engineering lead on a ~$90-million service life extension program that involves upkeep and refurbishment of several internal components.

Due to the lack of materials engineers in the Air Force I am the acting materials evaluation and substitute lead in my office and I research and qualify non-configuration changing material replacements (which is somewhat important as our missile is 30 years old and some of the original materials don’t exist anymore).

I have several smaller pet projects that include material aging analysis on our airframe and several academic coordination projects. Since our system is in sustainment mode and there are no regular manufacturing or engineering efforts, engineering work is fairly random and there are very few reoccurring efforts, although existing efforts are typically drawn out over several years so I will not be able to see one from start to finish.


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