Dying to Make Cars

Laura graduated from OSU in May 2013.  Here, Laura tells us what she’s been doing in her first two months on the job.   While a student in Materials Science and Engineering, Laura focused her studies on polymers.

I am currently working for Honda of America Mfg, Inc. in Marysville, Ohio. Operations at the Marysville Auto Plant include stamping, plastics, welding, painting, sub-assembly and assembly.

The two current models produced are the Honda Accord and the Acura TL. I am a part of the Engineering Development Program (EDP), a 2-year rotational program throughout various departments in Honda. The goal of the EDP is to develop fundamental engineering skills through manufacturing tasks/activities/goal setting and to learn/apply root cause analysis.

Laura at Honda

Laura doing a dimensional accuracy scan on an Accord fender.

My first rotation is in Die Maintenance and consists of understanding how dies work by monitoring top cracking parts using strain analysis and dimensional accuracy tools such as coordinate measurement machines (CMM) as well as supporting die maintenance and quality. My second rotation is in Finishing/Model and consists of die design and simulation, strain analysis, and reverse engineering. My third rotation is in the Materials Lab and consists of various testing capabilities and quality control.

After my rotations are completed, my end job will be in my home department, Forming, as a Quality Engineer. The Forming Department has two parts; stamping and plastics. Stamping is a sheet metal forming manufacturing process that creates metal parts in the desired form. The plastics side of the forming department uses plastic injection molding to create the desired plastic parts.  My end job focuses on the stamping side. I will be responsible for some of the following roles; identifying issues and determining root causes, quality concerns, mature dies and parts, analyze part form-ability, forming issues, monitoring supplier material properties, and material testing.


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