A Tasty Internship

Prashanth Peketi an MSE senior, tells about his internship with Dannon Yogurt. Although it was different than he expected, Prashanth had a great experience and added new skills to his resume.

Prashanth Peketi interns with Dannon Yogurt.

Prashanth Peketi interns with Dannon Yogurt.

Working at Dannon Yogurt in Minster, Ohio, was a whirlwind of experiences. I was assigned the role of safety engineering intern and given the project of writing procedures on how to properly preform maintenance on different pieces of equipment around the factory.

Writing procedures isn’t the most exciting job by any stretch of the imagination, but using the resources around me and pushing myself every day to learn as much as I could resulted in a very gratifying experience. I gained a lot of knowledge of the manufacturing world, the pace and rigor at which jobs are completed, and the dedication it takes to work at a company that is constantly evolving and growing.

I was surprised at my own influence as an intern, as I governed a $35,000 construction project in the factory in order to create a more efficient and safe system. Dannon also has a great intern program that connects interns from around the nation, as we worked together with plants in Utah, Texas, and New York to accomplish various projects that were assigned week to week.

Overall, my summer at Dannon was one of personal and professional growth that will prove to be very beneficial in the future.


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