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Do you have questions about Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University?  We’ll do our best to answer them here.

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If you wish to contact an academic advisor, please email: mse@osu.edu


8 Responses to Have questions?

  1. balkees says:

    i amm interested in your program of the university please can you tell me the main differences beyween material science and material engineering

  2. Hi, balkees —
    One of our MSE professors answered your question this way:
    “The really short answer is science is the basic understanding of how nature works, as determined in an unbiased way based on experiment.

    Engineering is the application of science to do useful things, or solve problems. Like make solar cells to transform the sun’s energy to electricity.

    Same applies to materials science / engineering. Its basic understanding vs. application. ”

    From an advising point of view, and particularly at The Ohio State University, the department of Materials Science and Engineering resides in the College of Engineering. A student in MSE is a Materials Scientist and also an Engineer.

    Hope that helps.

  3. scott wright says:

    I wondering if Ohio State held a summer program like a camp for college age students in Materials Science Engineering. I attend Ohio State, I’m a freshman in the engineering program. I plan to study Materials Science Engineering but would like to spend a week in the program before I comment to the program.

  4. Mohammadreza says:

    Please guide me,

    – Is there any correlation between thickness of film and grain size?
    – Is the grain size the same as crystallite size?
    – In a film by introducing some interstitial atoms( Atoms with lower
    diameter), what is expected in comparison with the film without those
    interstitial atoms?

    Kin regards.

  5. izzatihusna says:

    How do we know that the organic material is suitable to be donor and acceptor?

  6. Rishikumar.Chatharaju says:

    suitable materials for cutting tools,bio-implants,bus/car tyres,springs,& explain the reasons for selection

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