Bouncing Water Droplet on a Superhydrophobic Carbon Nanotube Array

Here’s an awesome slow-motion video showing a water droplet bouncing off of a superhydrophobic carbon nanotube array! I find it truly mesmerizing!


Other than watching cool materials science videos online, I’ve been swamped by schoolwork! Whoever told me that senior year was easier than junior year lied! This could be due to the fact that I’m taking my first quarter of organic chemistry. I find the class interesting, but it is extremely time-consuming as far as studying goes! I’m also taking two polymers classes, both of which I like! Then I’m also taking an electroceramics class, which is challenging to say the least! Also, I picked the topic of my senior project and I’m super excited about it! We are going to be researching the effects of biodiesel/biodiesel blends on the materials used in biodiesel storage tanks and pipelines. It’s a mouthful to describe, but it should be interesting and fun! =)


Superconductor Lab

So, this update is very delayed but it was so cool I decided to post it anyway! We made superconductors in Winter quarter’s 581 lab. A superconductor is a material that loses all resistance to electric current below a certain critical temperature. So, a magnet will actually levitate above the superconductor if this is the case.

Here’s a video that I took of us pyrolyzing the superconductor solution. It was really cool to watch the solution grow into a fiery mountain of solid!

123 Superconductor Pyrolysis

After this, we pressed the solid into small pellets. We then tested if our pellets were superconductors by immersing them in liquid nitrogen and attempting to levitate a tiny magnet on the top. Ours worked!

In other news, I worked with the OSU Relay for Life presidents this spring to see how they used Microsoft Office to plan their event. Microsoft gave me a netbook to give to them, so they were super excited to work with me! It was really awesome working with them because they were so willing to share their technology experiences with me. I went to the actual event to represent Microsoft – it was FREEZING but a great event nonetheless. I couldn’t believe how many people were there! Here’s a video that  I made of the Relay!

Good luck on finals everyone! Summer’s almost here! =)

February Already!

I’m in kind of a state of disbelief that it’s February already and week 5 of winter quarter! For me, it’s gone by really fast, which is good because I dislike winter quarter! The abundance of cold and lack of daylight both really bother me. It seems like I spend more and more time studying as each quarter goes by – which is probably good, but it’s really stressful to basically come home every night and do homework, study or do a lab report(grrr) until going to bed! Still, it truly is rewarding when I think about how much I’ve learned and how far I have come as a student since I switched to MSE =)

My job as a Microsoft Student Partner has been going really well! I hosted a Windows 7 load fest in November that over 300 people attended; I was shocked! People brought in their laptops (and even desktops and Macs) and we helped them install Windows 7. I also gave a presentation to about 15 faculty members in January showcasing the features of our OSU student email accounts. Faculty sure are a talkative and opinionated group – it was *so* nerve-wracking to be giving a presentation to them! I got through it though which was great! What I’m working on currently for Microsoft is promoting Students2Business, which is a search site for jobs and internships (including engineering and technology related jobs) from over 15,000 companies. You can register at!

And lastly, here’s my “Cool Engineering Fact” for this post. Over the break, I taught myself how to crochet and made an awesome scarf! For those of you who don’t know, it is basically similar to knitting except that one hook is used to hold the yarn instead of two knitting needles. While crocheting doesn’t really seem like science at first, I actually found through my reading that crocheting is structurally superior to knitting! Here’s how it works: In knitting, each stitch is supported by the stitches in the rows above and below it, while in crocheting a stitch is only supported by the stitches on either side of it. So if a stitch breaks in a knit piece, the whole piece may start to unravel. If a stitch breaks in a crocheted piece, the piece stays intact! I thought that was pretty cool =) Here’s my scarf!


Back to school! (a little late)

First, I just want to apologize for not posting sooner! I meant to post a welcome back message to everyone the first week of school…oops 🙂 In any case, welcome back! My MSE classes are pretty challenging and time-consuming, but I like them which really helps. So far, I especially like Dr. Sahai for MSE 526. His class is challenging, yet interesting (which is amazing considering it is at 9:30 AM). He really keeps you on your toes, because you never know when you might get called on!

Other than school, I’ve been busy working on projects for my job as the Microsoft Student Partner on campus. I give presentations and such on Microsoft technologies and also coordinate awesome events. I just finished a video showing how to make a bibliography in Microsoft Word. Megan liked it, so if she did then I hope everyone will 😉 Check it out!

Good luck this quarter!

My Summer Plans

First, I want to apologize for not posting in a couple of months! The middle/end of Spring Quarter felt like it took all of my energy. Luckily, I am all done and it feels great! I always have a good feeling of accomplishment at the end of the quarter, and especially at the end of the year!

I hope to have a (fairly) relaxing summer. I am taking a chemistry class at Columbus State, which starts on Monday, but that is all of the school that I am doing this summer! I’m also excited to report that I am going to be a Microsoft Student Partner for Ohio State starting this fall! It’s been a couple of years since I had an actual job, so I’m looking forward to that. Other than that, I plan to spend lots of time on our jetski this summer! Below is a picture of my boyfriend driving and me trying not to fall off!


Have a great summer everyone!

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