What are you doing this summer?

This summer

MSE Students are interning at: Owens Corning,General Motors, Oshkosh Corporation,DNV Columbus,Steel Dynamics Inc,Honda,Nuclear Regulatory Commision,The Ohio State University Department of Nuclear Engineering, Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, Marathon Petroleum, Ridge Tool Co., Entrotech, HA International, Emerson Climate Technologies, The Timken Company, Swagelok, TIMET, Unilever, UES, Inc.

MSE students are doing: Materials & Process Engineering Intern, Lab maintenance, material evaluation, failure analysis research, steel manufacturing, Engines engineer , Manufacturing, Student Engineer, not sure yet, Student Researcher, Research, Metallurgical Intern,   Research with some manufacturing, Metallury Co-op, Maintenance and Inspection, Metallurgical Engineering, Product Engineering, research, manufacturing, material selection, Composites Design, Carbon fiber research, Purchasing Division Associate, Lab assistant, Quality control/development, data analysis, metallurgical work, research, Composites sourcing intern, buying and shipping parts from other companies, Sheet and Plate Metallurgist, Manufacturing

MSE students are making per hour average: $16.94

Have a happy summer, everyone!


Research Internships – REUs

Research Experiences for Undergraduates – REUs – are summer alternatives to traditional work internships.  Instead of working for a company in industry for a summer, undergraduate students are matched with university research groups, working alongside graduate students and their supervising professors on a specific projects.

Students in their sophomore and junior years, who are considering graduate school are encouraged to apply.  Normal application deadlines for summer positions are February-March.

Jackie at UC-Santa Barbara.

Most REUs are funded by the National Science Foundation – NSF, and are hosted by universities across the country.

  • What’s in it for the universities?  They get you on their campus to consider them for grad school.
  • What’s in it for you?  Usually, 10 weeks of paid research, housing, travel, and an incredible summer with college students from around the globe.

Read here about MSE senior Jackie Ohmura, and her summer REU at UC-Santa Barbara.

For more information about NSF-sponsored REUs, visit this site: http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/reu_search.cfm


Summer Intern Reporting from Portland

Daimler Trucks North America LLC

From Kelsey T., OSU Materials Science and Engineering 2nd-year student:

Hello from Portland, where this summer I’m enjoying working for Daimler Trucks North America.  I’m learning quite a bit about trucks in the process, which is surprising given my previous lack of knowledge about anything with a motor.

I was switched into the electronics and electrical test group in the product validation engineering department.  My main project is the revision of a company specification for the testing of electrical components by suppliers before they’re installed in our trucks.  I’m basically acting as a project engineer and herding a group of seven engineers to get things done by the time I leave for Ohio.

We have weekly meetings (I never thought I’d be chairing my own meetings already) and I spend most of my time emailing people, contacting suppliers, and editing the gigantic specification document.  I’m also involved with the testing of speed sensors, working on instrumentation and wiring on trucks for DTNA’s summer test, and improving military truck switches that have had issues with arcing.  It’s not quite materials-related, but is interesting all the same.

I even have multiple pairs of coveralls to wear over my clothes when I’m climbing around trucks.  I certainly never would’ve guessed that I would have grease and oil stains on my clothes! The biggest thing I’ve learned is that working is all about dealing with different personalities.  We have quite a wide variety of people, so every day is a new experience.

Portland, Oregon

I’ve been enjoying hiking around the Portland area on weekends, working out at my new gym (nice enough to rival the RPAC), and spending time with the family I’m staying with.  I’ve been eating lots of fresh seafood because salmon, clams, and oysters are much cheaper here.  People here are very into organic food and unhealthy foods (like chips, cookies, etc) are actually somewhat hard to find at some stores.

Hope things in Columbus are going well.  Enjoy your summer!

Kelsey T.
Product Validation Engineering Intern
Daimler Trucks North America

The material was mud

MSE 2nd-year students teamed up and represented the department in the annual Alpha Phi Mud Tug, a muddy tug-of-war competition to raise funds for charity. Neither the mess nor the first-round loss kept the team from having a great time with each other.

Science. Materials Science.

When I tell people my major they usually have a questioning look on their faces. In three days, I will finally be able to give them a description. In three days, the TMS Annual Meeting starts in Seattle. I’ll get to hear leaders in my future field talk about their innovations, and I’ll get to see how they’re meeting the demands of our generation.

I’m planning to sit in on three symposia: Bulk Metallic Glasses (Structure/Properties), Failure of Small Scale Structures (Deformation/Failure), and Materials in Clean Power Systems (Hydrogen).

The first two are on Monday, the third is on Tuesday, and Wednesday we’re going on a tour of the Boeing plant in Seattle.

There’s still one more day of classes to get through before I start packing. For now, I’ll do some research and see how I can throw memorable movie quotes into my posts.


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