Go, Team!

For the past three summers, MSE 3rd-year student Tiffiny has interned at Babcock & Wilcox — Nuclear Operations Group, in the following departments: Environmental, Health, and Safety, Materials Engineering, and Industrial Engineering/Manufacturing Management.

Here’s what she says about her experiences there.

Tiffiny has worked at B&W for the last three summers

Working at B&W has reinforced how important it is to work as a team. Everyone has their individual job working towards specific goals. Even though everyone is doing something different, it is so important to realize how your one job contributes to the overall success of the company. Nothing will get accomplished unless all departments can learn to work together in harmony. Whether you are a maintenance employee working to assure a machine gets running smoothly or an engineer working on designing the next fixture to be used, your role is crucial. No one job is more important than another; it does not matter if it involves a college education or technical skills, or if it is on the factory floor or in the office, every job is critical for smooth operation.

I have been able to narrow down what I want to do with my career from my experience. I am learning what I find intellectually stimulating and what I would hate doing for the rest of my life. From this, I hope to find a career I enjoy upon graduation.

There are a lot of fellow Buckeyes up at B&W facility in Euclid, Ohio. But my supervisor this summer was a Michigan fan. It’s funny to think that I would report to some who worships that “state up north”. But after working with him, I realized that maybe not all Michigan fans are crazy. Putting aside our Ohio State & Michigan rivalry, I have a great deal of respect for my supervisor.  I’m hoping maybe he’ll see the light and become a Buckeye fan.


What are you doing this summer?

This summer

MSE Students are interning at: Owens Corning,General Motors, Oshkosh Corporation,DNV Columbus,Steel Dynamics Inc,Honda,Nuclear Regulatory Commision,The Ohio State University Department of Nuclear Engineering, Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, Marathon Petroleum, Ridge Tool Co., Entrotech, HA International, Emerson Climate Technologies, The Timken Company, Swagelok, TIMET, Unilever, UES, Inc.

MSE students are doing: Materials & Process Engineering Intern, Lab maintenance, material evaluation, failure analysis research, steel manufacturing, Engines engineer , Manufacturing, Student Engineer, not sure yet, Student Researcher, Research, Metallurgical Intern,   Research with some manufacturing, Metallury Co-op, Maintenance and Inspection, Metallurgical Engineering, Product Engineering, research, manufacturing, material selection, Composites Design, Carbon fiber research, Purchasing Division Associate, Lab assistant, Quality control/development, data analysis, metallurgical work, research, Composites sourcing intern, buying and shipping parts from other companies, Sheet and Plate Metallurgist, Manufacturing

MSE students are making per hour average: $16.94

Have a happy summer, everyone!

Not your ordinary gear head

Photo by Jodi Miller, Columbus alive!

Columbus alive! just published this story about MSE junior Rodney Jones and the work he does with his Honda Civic.

MSE Junior Rodney Jones at GE Aviation "Jet School"










This past summer Rodney had an internship working with engines just slightly bigger than his Civic’s at GE Aviation in Cincinnati.

Research Internships – REUs

Research Experiences for Undergraduates – REUs – are summer alternatives to traditional work internships.  Instead of working for a company in industry for a summer, undergraduate students are matched with university research groups, working alongside graduate students and their supervising professors on a specific projects.

Students in their sophomore and junior years, who are considering graduate school are encouraged to apply.  Normal application deadlines for summer positions are February-March.

Jackie at UC-Santa Barbara.

Most REUs are funded by the National Science Foundation – NSF, and are hosted by universities across the country.

  • What’s in it for the universities?  They get you on their campus to consider them for grad school.
  • What’s in it for you?  Usually, 10 weeks of paid research, housing, travel, and an incredible summer with college students from around the globe.

Read here about MSE senior Jackie Ohmura, and her summer REU at UC-Santa Barbara.

For more information about NSF-sponsored REUs, visit this site: http://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/reu_search.cfm


MSE Honda Internship and Winner

Summer internship report from Kelvin, MSE 3rd-year.

I spent the past few months interning at Honda R&D Americas Inc. in Marysville, Ohio, and my experience was great. Honda produces primarily automobiles, motorcycles, and ATVs. The work I do involves the quality of paints applied to the vehicles.

Dr. Nitin Padture and Kelvin

I learned the many meticulous tests that go into choosing paint (base, coat, and primer) from suppliers for current and future vehicles. Before a paint combination can be put into mass production, it must meet all durability and quality requirements set by Honda. Selected paints must be able to withstand the daily abuse of a car such as acid rain and pelting of small rocks. I also aided associates with projects outside of my main research area when possible. This involved going to factories to run tests, preparing test samples, or shipping items to suppliers. Some of the most interesting things I did involved taking measurements in essentially a car oven/freezer at -30°C and 80°C.

I stayed at an off-campus apartment at Ohio State this summer, which gave me a 45-minute drive to work. I could arrive anytime from 6:00-10:00 AM, so the long window of clock-in time definitely helped for the mornings I hit snooze for an hour or two past my expected departure time. I had a few hours of time to myself after work so I decided to take up softball with our department team. I am not necessarily a baseball fan but softball was enjoyable. Most of my co-workers were under 30 years old and this made it extremely easy for me to get along with them.

This summer internship has provided me with valuable work experience that will be useful as I continue at OSU and after graduation. It gave me a taste of what the real world will be like after college. I would encourage all to take an internship if they have the chance. It will pay off greatly in the future.

NOTE: Kelvin was on the winning team for the Materials category in the Honda iDream student competition this summer.  He is pictured here with his faculty and project advisor Prof. Nitin Padture.

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