Focus on Biomaterials

Berk graduated from OSU MSE in 2009 with a focus on Biomaterials.  Here is his update.

I currently work for Zimmer, which is one of the largest medical device and orthopedic companies in the world. Overall the company does roughly $4 billion dollars in sales revenue annually.  The company mainly specializes in the creation, development, manufacture and sale of orthopedic instruments and implants.

I started in January 2010 after my résumé was found through Ohio State’s Engineering Career Services (ECS) and I was asked to join a new training program specifically for engineers and science majors. The idea was to place engineers into the field as technical sales consultants for orthopedic surgeons during surgery. My training consisted of 6 months of classroom, cadaveric and field training to learn our product line, competitor product lines, basic anatomy, and medical terminology.

More about Zimmer in this video.

After training I joined Zimmer Ohio and have worked in Northeast Ohio since then. Our main role is to introduce customers to our various products, explaining the benefits of their use for the hospital, surgeon, and patient. Once a surgeon starts using our product we are expected to be in surgery on a day to day basis helping the staff and surgeon with any questions, and anticipating their needs to make the surgery run more efficiently, therefore reducing O.R. time, blood loss, and potential cost to the hospital.

A sales associate and consultant for a product being used in live surgery is expected to be the expert in the room on the product. If any issues come up you have to be quick on your feet to problem-solve and come up with a valid solution. This job is not a typical engineering job, and there is a lot of customer interaction and high stress involved — but that’s what can make it pretty fun and exciting!

The technical knowledge I gained at Ohio State as an MSE student helps me to effectively communicate the differences and benefits between our products at Zimmer with those of our competition. Surgeons appreciate my engineering background and often ask for my help because of it.

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