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Jake and his research poster

Jake and his research poster

At my REU in Golden, Colorado, I gained experience in research, industry, and life.   The program was funded by the National Science Foundation and focused on metallurgical aspects of MSE.  I worked alongside a professor, Emmanuel De Moor from the Colorado School of Mines and senior scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: alumni from OSU and from Northwestern. Talk about a great group!

We evaluated 4 alloys for their compliance with a new code: Fire Resistance of structural steels. Basically, it was a lot of elevated temperature tensile testing and microscopy. I gained experience in both, but focused more on characterization. One of my pearlite images is even being entered into a competition at the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference!

At the end of the summer, we had a poster session and mine was judged in the top 5 out of 60.

Work was not the only thing that occupied my time, of course. The students I lived with at Mines Park were very adventurous. We visited Denver for Colorado Rockies games and concerts, hiked 14,000+ ft. mountains, went skydiving from 18,000+ ft., took a few local brewery tours, and played some golf.

Enjoying Colorado

What did I learn from this experience?
* I love the outdoors.
* Heights aren’t such a big deal anymore.
* Grad school is definitely the next step in my life.

NOVA’s “Making Stuff”

Getting pumped for this series, starting this week.

Summer Internship to Co-op

From Mike K., junior in Materials Science and Engineering.

Summer 2010 found me at The Timken Company in Canton, Ohio,  interning in tech service for steel for automotives.  I led a Lean Six Sigma project to reduce customer claims on tube defects called wavy OD and hooked ends, and on the effect two straighteners have on these defects.
My responsibilities required me to  go to the plant and measure the straightness of 2 orders of tubes after they came off each of the straighteners.  I found only a borderline significance between the straighteners, but I found a huge variation between the readings an inspector takes on the same area of the tube, which can lead to a good part being scrapped or a bad part being shipped.
Also as part of tech service, I traveled with my mentor to customers around Ohio and Kentucky, helping out the Value Added Supply Chain group in finding potential suppliers to machine parts for an automotive customer.

My summer internship ended last week, and now I’m in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where I’ll be co-oping for Oshkosh Corporation in their Global Tech Center until next September.  I will continue to blog about my experiences there.  (ed. note: see posts from Joel at Oshkosh Corp).

MSE in Germany

Steve, an OSU Materials senior, is spending the summer in Germany working on a research project at the Technische Universitat Dortmund. Follow Steve’s blog here, with updates feeding in the right margin.

Spring graduation

It’s hard to believe that another academic year is over. Today was OSU’s Spring quarter commencement. We say good-bye to two of our bloggers, Caitlin and Brad. Thanks for sharing your stories, and hope you’ll contribute occasionally as alumni.

Congratulations to all the MSE graduates!
MSE Seniors 2009

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