Creative Prototyping Summer School

MSE seniors Angela and Elisabeth share their adventure to Belgium to learn about creative prototyping and design techniques.

For a week this fall, we attended the Creative Prototyping Summer School at Howest University College West Flanders in Kortrijk, Belgium. We went to two workshops a day and learned about prototyping techniques like 3D printing and scanning, thermoforming, Makey Makey Arduino, welding, wood turning, laser cutting, photography, clay modeling, and high-density foam modeling. Numerous industry speakers from companies in and around Belgium came and led the workshops — Jürgen Heinl, former modeler for BMW, led the clay modeling lab; Lékué came and donated silicone products for an initial introduction to prototyping; Pilipili shared their high-density foam designing methodology; and two of the best wood turners in Belgium helped us make bowls.

It was an eye-opening experience to attend these workshops and meet students and professionals from Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Israel, Germany, and the US with backgrounds ranging from industrial design to technical communications to various engineering disciplines. In the evenings we biked around the city, ate tasty Belgian snacks (they have ham flavored Lays and amazing orange-chocolate cookies!), hung out, and continued working on projects.

More information about Howest can be found here:

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